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March 2015

Dear Residents

Some good news to start the New Year. We have taken delivery of a defibrillator and cabinet, which will be fitted to the exterior wall of thevillage hall. BT gave us £800 to site the new broadband box on the village green, so we were able to use these unexpected funds together with the agreed £1000 from reserves to finance the purchase, avoiding the need for a lengthy wait for a grant. We have been able also to set side a sufficient sum to cover training sessions in the use of the defib, as we know several residents expressed an interest in this. If you would like to take part in this training, please register by email to the address below. Once we know numbers we can finalise details.

The New Year has also brought us the recurring problem of housing need versus available land. BDC are rewriting their Local Plan, the original document being abandoned last year due to new figures showing that housing demand had been severely under estimated. This is a problem being faced by all Districts, with many villages complaining of feeling "under siege" as more sites are proposed for development. Two sites in White Colne have been submitted for consideration. The sites lie on Colchester Road, either side of the Chase down to Chalkney Mill, and sit outside the development envelope. Historically, both plots of land have been submitted for planning and we have always vigorously objected. The PC has a clear mandate from our residents, via the Village Design Statement, to resist all development outside the village envelope.

Twelve sites in Earls Colne have also been submitted for consideration. Hundreds of houses are planned for Halstead, and a proposal for 20,000 new homes in Stanway has been announced. Our village sits within the corridor of these developments and we must take every care to keep our village boundaries intact and not to be swamped by creeping conurbation.

We shall be discussing this at our meeting on January 20th. Do please come along if you wish to express an opinion or ask any questions. If you cannot attend we are always happy to receive your comments by email.

A Happy New Year to you all.

Jane Taylor, Chair, White Colne Parish Council

Tel. 01787 222477, email

In Brief…  New Events…  There are two new events to add to the calendar in March and May.  Firstly, Debby Hunnaball, who runs the regular Pilates classes in the Village Hall, is putting on a special “Mothers Day” class on Friday, 13th March.  Interested mums should contact her – details are on page 13.  In May, Just Imagine Foods are offering a “Fine Dining Experience”.  See their ad on page 19 for details and how to book.  About White Colne’s Events Committee…   Rita Pearcey  Also known as the White Colne ‘50 Club’, the Events Committee is made up of Parish Councillors and residents who meet three or four times a year to organise a full and varied programme of village events.   We’d welcome others who’d like to be involved in some way, whether it’s to offer new ideas or volunteer occasional help.  It doesn’t mean you’d have to join the Committee … unless of course you want to!  If you are interested why not come along to our next meeting which is on Tuesday 14th April at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.    I’m often asked ‘what’s the 50 Club?’ so here’s a short explanation because we don’t want anyone to think it’s a club just for the over 50’s!  The name goes back to the days when village fundraising was a monthly draw.  Residents would buy numbers for ‘50p’ each and three numbers were drawn for cash prizes.  The remaining proceeds helped to fund village events and projects.  In 2011 the ‘50 Club’ was reinvented as a fund raising and social event organiser but the mandate stayed the same (to encourage community involvement through organising village events, promoting the use of facilities like the Village Hall and The Meadows and by raising funds to support the development of new and existing facilities) hence we still use the name!    A list of village events always appears on the inside front cover of White Colne News and full details of the upcoming event/s will also feature, usually on the back cover.  Any queries about the Events Committee or village events please email me at or phone 221919.  

Snowdrops…          Jane Taylor  The Four Colnes Horticultural Society is donating snowdrops, to be planted in various locations around our village.  A working party to plant them has been arranged for Sunday, March 8th at 11.30.  Meet on the village green.  Please do come along to help. Bring your own spade and any other equipment you like to use. Saturday, 14th March.

The Third Annual White Colne Wine Tasting…      Peter Norris  This year’s event proved as popular as in previous years, with 56 residents and guests enjoying six varied wines and an excellent three course supper. Once again, Andy Gill guided us through the wines and our thanks to him for his help.  The meal was prepared by Sarah Adlem and we are very grateful to her for her considerable efforts and time spent in the Hall kitchen. Thanks also to those who served food and wine and helped clear up.  It was all much appreciated and raised nearly £300 for village funds. We hope to run the fourth tasting next year.   

St Andrew’s Church News…   

Thomas Weatherill  Having consumed our pancakes, the Church has entered the season of Lent, a time for reflection on our shortcomings before we turn to a feast of celebration in Easter, and all that the death and resurrection of Jesus means.  There will be a series of services in Holy Week as we reflect on the build-up to the crucifixion, before we gather on Easter Sunday to celebrate and hear about the true message of Easter. On March 15th  we will be giving thanks for mothers at a service of Morning Worship on Mothering Sunday, all are welcome to join us at any of the services at the church, at the top of Boley Road.  Looking ahead to May, the church will be holding its annual Rogation Sunday service on the afternoon of May 17 when we celebrate all of village life. More details next time.  Services for March and April: Sunday, March 1, 10:30am: Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer). Sunday, March 15, 10:30am: Morning Worship (Mothering Sunday).  Holy Week: Monday, March 30, 10am: Holy Communion. Good Friday, April 3, 2pm: By The Cross service. Easter Sunday, April 5, 10:30am: Holy Communion.  Sunday, April 19, 10:30am: Morning Worship.  

To all dog owners…          Emily Webb  We are getting reports that a lot of dogs are being stolen in surrounding areas (Halstead, Kelvedon and the Suffolk border).  A white transit van has been spotted at some of the locations.  Dog owners should be vigilant.  Also you MAY be reading this in time to take part in the 5½ mile dog walk on Sunday, 1st March in aid of Essex Air Ambulance (the Heli Hound Fun Day) – Register from 10.00 am at the cricket pitch on Earls Colne Business Park.

Neighbourhood Watch !! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!Sue!Norris

Have you got a question for the Chief Constable or the Police and Crime Commissioner? The Essex Police Challenge is your chance to have a voice in the debate around the policing of our county. Six Essex Police Challenge events have already been held, and the next ill take place in Witham at the New Rickstones Academy in Conrad Road on the evening of Thursday March 12th, from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

More details are available on the Essex Community Messaging site,

You may be able to use some of these common sense tips for reducing the risk of crime in your garden

1.Sheds typically contain tools, bikes and gardening equipment which are not just valuable but which could prove useful to a burglar, so secure the oor with padbolts and close-shackle padlocks or a padlock alarm. Hinges should be fitted using coach bolts and large backing washers. You could also think about installing a shed alarm and a lockable chest for chemicals and valuable equipment.

2. Fences - rear fences should be 2 metres high including a trellis to support plants but not to support the weight of a possible intruder.

Keep fences and plants in the front garden below 1 metre in height so you don't give potential burglars somewhere to hide.

3. Defensive planting - Reinforce the garden’s perimeter by planting prickly shrubs or a thorny hedge and train them to grow on trellis on top of 1.8 metre fencing to deter potential offenders.

4. Lighting can$deter$or$draw$attention$to$thieves.$Use$energy$saving$bulbs$   activated$by$a$dawn$to$dusk$sensor.$

5. Gravel - Lay gravel on paths and beneath doors and ground-floor windows - burglars don't like it because it's noisy to walk on.

6. Side gates should be solid, flat faced and the same height as the fence. Secure with padbolts top and bottom, padlocks and a spring return.

7. Plant pots should be secured to the ground using a bolt and retaining anchor plate and mark tools and furniture with your postcode followed by your house number e.g, CM1 1PX 11.

8. Oil tanks should be secured with padlocks, oil level gauge security lighting and defensive planting. Speak to your local

Crime Reduction officer for information on suitable alarms.

The Essex Coalition of Disabled People is a registered

charity whose vision is to enhance the everyday lives of

disabled people in Essex and beyond.

They are offering a new volunteering opportunity as an

Independent Supporter (IS):

The purpose is to provide appropriate support to young

people with special educational needs (SEN) and their

parents/carers through the transition from a traditional

Special Educational Needs Statement system to the new

Education, Health & Care (EHC) assessment and

planning process.

Full training will be provided.

Volunteers will be working either alongside other

volunteers and staff or independently.

Working hours are flexible.

Volunteers would usually need to commit to around 6

hours per month.

To support group-based and individually focused

support, workshops/events which will empower young

people and parents/carers to make informed


Successful applicants will be required to complete two days

face to face training, two days on-line training plus some

supplementary training.

Training is available throughout Essex. If you would like to

work with us to support disabled children and their

parents/carers in Essex, please contact Cindy Peacock: tel 01245 392 319