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White Colne

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April 2015

Dear Residents,  

You may have noticed that the path leading from Colne Park Road to the allotments has been completely blocked by a new fence, erected by the owner of the field adjacent to the Meadows. This has closed an easy access to the allotments and The Meadows for those living in the lower part of the village, and means that many residents now have to walk the long way round up Bures Road and along the Chase.  We know that this path has never been designated as a legal right of way, but we also know that it has been in use for generations, probably right back to the 1920's when the allotment land was first given to the Parish by the Hunt family.  We now need to legally establish our right of way. Our first requirement is for those who have regularly used this path for the last 20 years to come forward to complete forms of evidence. If you qualify under the 20 year rule and would like more information please come to our Annual Electors Meeting in the Village Hall on April 21st. We shall be discussing the problem in open forum and have copies of the form available. For those of you unable to make the meeting, please do not hesitate to contact either myself tel 222477 or tel 223582 or Carol Wada (who lives in Colne Park Road ) tel 223214  Election: Just five candidates were nominated for the Parish Council election and with seven seats available the election was therefore uncontested. The existing Council's term of office ends officially on May 11th with the new council signing declaration of office and code of conduct forms at their first meeting on May 19th. Members of the new Council will be: Jim Bond, Bill Paxton, Chris Pearcey, Jane Taylor and John Watt. In due course the Council may wish to co opt two further residents to fill the empty seats.  The agenda for the Annual Electors Meeting is printed overleaf.  We look forward to seeing you all on April 21st.

 Kind regards

Jane Taylor

Upcoming social events…  

Just imagine … a ‘Fine Dining Experience’ popping up in White Colne!  Well it’ll be happening on Friday 1st May and Saturday 2nd May when Michelin Star trained Chef, Mark Peters and his team hire the Village Hall and transform it into a ‘pop up’ restaurant.  They’ll be preparing a tasting menu of seven courses on both evenings and the cost will be £55 per person with a reception from 7.30, dining at 8.00 pm .  Diners can bring their own wine and the Village Hall bar will be open for the purchase of beers, spirits, wine and soft drinks.  To make a reservation for Friday 1st May (Saturday 2nd is fully booked) please telephone Just Imagine Foods on 07974 197430.  Take a look at their website for a sample menu   If you require further information phone or    email   Save the date!   Our next village event will be Pimm’s Night at The Stationmaster’s Arms on Saturday 13th June.   ‘Stationmaster’s’ bar and home cooked supper.  For further information phone or email Rita on 01787 221919 /  Full details will be published in the May newsletter