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White Colne Community Design Group  Minutes - 2010  

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Village Design Statement

The aim of a VDS is to:-

     ·   give a clear statement of what is special, unique and distinctive about the character of the village

· add local detail to development plan policy so that it can be used as material consideration in the determination of planning applications and support and strengthen the Parish Council’s planning application responses

· influence people who live and work in the village to encourage care when making changes to the appearance of property

· help improve physical change and suggest environmental improvements to enhance the area

· observe how the qualities of the village have evolved

· provide an understanding of how land uses, employment and social make up have influenced the village and its physical qualities

In order to secure grants to fund the workshops, questionnaires and other fact finding initiatives, as well as the production of the VDS document, it is necessary to formally create a steering group. It was agreed that the group would sign a working agreement with the Parish Council to facilitate this and would be called The White Colne Community Design Group or WCCDG.  Sarah Adlam will liaise with the Parish Council in respect of setting up the Working Agreement (Stella to email a template).

It was agreed that in the short term Sarah Adlem would take the role of Chairman although once the project plan timetable has been agreed there could maybe be a rolling Chair. Rita Pearcey undertook the Secretary role, on the same basis.

Stella Meesters, from The Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE), gave us some information on grants that may be appropriate to apply for. John Watt undertook to make a Greenfield grant application before 12th November. Sarah would look into the ITV grant.

It was suggested that a character workshop involving villagers (approx half a day walking and accessing key character areas, taking pictures, refreshments etc) would be arranged for the spring when hopefully the weather will be better. A questionnaire would be sent out after this, maybe at the end of September.

Contact has been made by Jan Cole with the Local Planning Officer. She has requested plans showing  all the relevant demarcations (conservation area, village envelope, parish boundary) and details of policies for this area.

The Group could start to produce a summary of the village’s development, drawing on the information it already has.

The Group discussed ways of publicising our ‘mission’ to perhaps include a leaflet to be distributed door to door or at village events e.g. Carol Service.  The Group could also contact other local and interested groups to spread the word and hopefully engage with other people in the community so that the finished VDS represents the views of the village as a whole.


Village Design Statement Questionnaire Results

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